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Organi-Gro's Hay Program is easy-to-use, an exceptional value, and yields satisfaction.

The Organi-Gro Hay Program consists of the use of  Plant Amp Natural, Soil Amp and Soil Lax.

With the mixture of Soil Amp, Plant Amp Natural and Soil Lax, your hay will increase in
nutritional value, increase yield, and reduce input cost!

Users of Organi-Gro's Hay Program report that hay treated with Organi-Gro products
"feed good"!
- Enhance tonnage

- Boost protein & fat levels

- Produce richer & deeper colored plants

- Improves stem quality

- Increases blooms

- Generates a healthier plant

After Each Cutting- Mix 10 ounces Plant Amp, 10 ounces Soil Amp and 10 ounces Soil Lax with 10 gallons of water per acre.

Total Cost Per Application Based on 30 Gallon sug. Retail     $7.80 per acre

Can you afford not to use Organi-Gro?
Organi-Gro's Hay Program will: