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Soil Amp is "Compost in a bottle". Soil Amp re-supplies the soil with humus, organic matter & carbon. Soil Amp stimulates the growth of beneficial microorganisms.

Soil Amp improves soil structure, increases nutrient availability, and reduces nutrient leaching.

Soil Amp enhances your fertilizer program and allows you to get the best results out of your lawns, fields, and flower beds!
Application Rate:

For Lawn & Flower Bed Use:
Mix 2 fluid ounces of  Soil Amp concentrate per gallon of water.
Apply by using watering can or hose-end sprayer.

Apply weekly or bi-weekly

Foliage Feed:
Mix one ounce of Soil Amp concentrate per one gallon of water.

Ten gallons of mixture covers one acre.
Soil Amp 16 oz.                            $9.99   Plus Shipping & Handling
(concentrate covers 32,000 square feet.)

Soil Amp 1 Gallon
                       $69.99 Plus Shiping & Handling
(concentrate covers 256,000 square feet)

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